The text has been chosen and cut, the actors given their parts, the play is rehearsed, and there's only one element missing: the audience. Nova Myhill...View Details

What is it really like in a "ren" rehearsal room? How is that different from the way early modern plays portray "rehearsal"? Does rehearsal every real...View Details

This week scholar Sarah Dustagheer, actor-scholar Bob Jones, and Sarah Enloe, ASC's former Director of Education, join us to discuss the multifaceted ...View Details

Dr. Roslyn Knutson and actors Tyler Moss and Chris Johnston explore the limitations of what historical records can actually tell us about early modern...View Details

What do director-less actors do with their scripts once parts are distributed? How did Shakespeare’s actors negotiate lines and staging? How do ASC ac...View Details

After the text comes the technology of how that text is distributed to actors. Scholar Jim Marino and actors Gregory Jon Phelps and John Harrell discu...View Details

This season we’re exploring the question, “What is a ‘Ren’ Season?”. Hear from past and present members of the American Shakespeare Center Company in ...View Details

And now the thrilling conclusion of the first table read of Henry V!

The penultimate Act of this summer's Henry V!

Listen in to the first table read of Summer 2021's Henry V! This episode contains Act 3. 

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